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    • Xin Chemical Co., Ltd. Daye
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    • Address:Hubei province Daye city Shandong road Yunding gar
      DaYeShi Jin Xin chemical co., LTD. Is engaged in the gold ore dressing agent research and development, production of professional manufacturers. The company is located in the \"world bronze culture birthplace - DaYeShi in hubei province. Stone developed traffic: south jiangxi nanchang, hubei wuhan, located in the big wide, beijing-zhuhai expressway and the silver, HangRui cross location at a high speed. Company founder and zuo Mr Only engaged in ore dressing industry more than 30 years, has rich experience in mineral processing, know that traditional cyanidation gold serious harmfulness to the environment and human body, so begin from 2003, set out to research and developme......[浏览具体]

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